Mikingmihrab – Tres Tontos


Hailing from Philly’s underground music scene is the punk indie trio Mikingmihrab with their third release Tres Tontos (which if I’m not mistaken means “three fools” in Spanish, though you wouldn’t get that impression from listening to the album).  Fans of the – not so easy to define – genre, will find their sound to be of kindred spirit to other underground acts of the area such as Mischief Brew, Bad News Bats, and Northern Liberties.  Whether those names ring a bell or not, this is music meant to be played no other way but very loudly.

Returning fans will find a sonically more polished product on Tres Tontos from that of their previous two releases Welsh for Mutton Chops and Breaking News. Though I wouldn’t worry about the band going commercial on us any time soon.  The recording just sounds like a professionally mastered studio effort versus the live “garage” feel.

You’d be surprised at the force of sound three people can create.  The album is one big adrenaline rush, except for maybe “Spirit of the Expressway”, which takes a much needed break in both tempo and mood.  Though, this is a bit misleading; about a minute and forty seconds into the song, the drums drop out for about five seconds and then pound back in with the guitar.  This solidifies the hardness for the remainder of the track.

“Death is the prophet I seek” is my personal favorite.  It’s fun, slightly quirky, while maintaining enough of the dirty garage vibe.  Lyrically, it’s fun as well:” Right now, you think I’m full of shit, when I’m dead they’ll say I’m great.  No one knows the future so death is the prophet I seek.”

All in all, fans of post punk/underground/hard indie rock will want Tres Tontos in their collection.  It’s pure energy from beginning to end, and rarely lets you catch your breath.  Other key tracks: “Bottle Jockey” and “Bloody Fingers”.


~ by carlitoreviews on July 9, 2010.

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