Ric Zweig – Running Out of Time


Ric Zweig’s fourth album Running Out of Time is straightforward rock music with a singer-songwriter edge.  The record is sprinkled with guitar solos on almost every track, brilliant chorus sections and hooks, as well as thought provoking lyrics complimented by Ric’s raspy and bluesy voice.

His introspective style of writing is message-heavy but not preachy.  It’s more like a man sharing the wisdom he’s gathered from a life rich with experience.  Consider “I’d Like To Do It Again” which opens up with, “Have you ever wondered if you could live again?  What would you change?  What would stay the same?” – questions that flirt with the meaning of life, and in which we all ask ourselves from time to time.

Much of the lyrical content of this album stays in that vein.  “Lost in The Chase”, for example, opens up with lines that immediately conjure up visual images with socioeconomic implications: “Hey buddy can you spare a dime?  I’ll pay it back some other time.  I’ve hit a little bad luck.  Please, can you make it a buck?”

The highlight of Running Out of Time, as far as I’m concerned, is “So go on”.  This is a beautiful track that strikes a fine balance of intimacy during the verses to an emotionally charged chorus.  I found this to be the most unique sounding song out of the collection.

My one gripe about the record is that the melodic structure of the vocal parts (at least during the verses) sound way too similar from track to track.  It made me feel that if I had both the acapella and instrumental versions, I would be able to cut the recorded lyrics from one song and paste them onto another; and the listener would be none the wiser.  Compare “Lost in The Chase”, “Jump On My Back”, “Puppet” and “Out With The Tide” and see if you don’t come up with a similar conclusion.  The only reason that was not a complete deal-breaker for me is because of the quality of the music.

The style is smooth – majestic even; taking you from the lowest of valleys to the high mountaintops.  It’s even jazzy at certain points.  All in all, Running Out Of Time is a very consistent album that is both well written and performed.  And even with my one gripe I still recommend checking it out.  Other key tracks: “Mr. Good Vibe” and “Out With The Tide”.


~ by carlitoreviews on August 6, 2010.

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