Hip-Hop Producer Quazar may now reside in Chicago but I’m pretty sure he brought a piece of his hometown Brooklyn with him when he moved some time ago.  Every track on his site: http://www.supastarbeatz.com will testify to this.  With New York in his veins, and the background of DJ/Producer/Remixer–rubbing shoulders with artists like Alicia Keys (among others)–he’s making music for today in a way that will ensure no one will forget where he came from.

The extremely easy process of setting up a username and password to the site will give you instant access to all the different areas.  We’ll just look at two sections on his “Quabeetz” tab where all of his different styles of beats can be found.

Most of the beats are combinations of both original and sampled material.  Take “Phased” for example off the “Fresh off the Grill” tab.  All True School Hip-Hop heads will recognize the guitar riff immediately, but Quazar layers it with his own keyboard melody along with some heavy door knocking kicks.  “Get Live” is a tough as nails track with some distorted synth and creative drum programming.  Every fourth beat is a reverberated snare, and fx is sprinkled throughout.  Tons of energy on that one.

Moving along to the “Gospel Trax” section, which was surprisingly my favorite, you’ll find some beats that are definitely not for your Kirk Franklin-esque artists.  These would work best for soul searchers and God seekers trying to escape the pull of the streets (think DMX).  “Angel 20X” is an amazing joint.  Soaring chorus samples compliment the driving synth, providing walls of sound that have just enough cracks for the right emcee to do his thing.

You can tell Quazar was and is a DJ.  He just has that live feel to his beats that is so often absent in most of today’s urban music.  Vocal snippets of rappers from Jay Z to 50 add energy and context to his overall sound, not to mention style.

My only two bones to pick with some of the music would be on the mixing side.  There are tracks that are way too bass heavy, to the point of distortion.  I can picture Quazar in the lab, zoning out to some fresh beat he just cooked up, not caring about how it’s about to ruin his speakers or headphones, but a little lowering of levels and gaining control of the overall output would do him some good.  My other bone is only found on a few out of the seemingly hundreds of beats on the site.  On certain occasions the keys of the sample material and of Quazar’s keyboard playing don’t match up quite exactly.  This is very subtle but noticeable to the trained ear.

Other than that, Quazar is a monster of a beatmaker.  Every track is oozing with either funk or soul, and often both.  Is he old school?  Yes.  Do his tracks beat up most of your average new school beats and then take their lunch money?  Yes.  Quazar is a stylish and multifaceted producer with his own signature stamp on everything he touches.  Artists interested in working with him will be pleased to see generous and affordable pricing arrangements.

~ by carlitoreviews on December 15, 2010.

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