Voice in the Dark – Best of


It’s always a major accomplishment for an artist to release their album.  So much time, practice, performance, recording, editing, and so on goes into it that the task can seem daunting.  But it’s a whole other thing to do that four times over in the same year.  But in 2009, San Diego based Voice in the Dark has done just that.  No worries if you haven’t had the chance to check out any of those releases; VITD offers his Best ofcollection as a promotional album made up of two songs from each of his 2009 projects:GAIAETHERICPHONEME and HIKARI.

Stylistically, the music has sort of a Dido meets Seal quality to it.  You’ll hear electronic elements found with most downtempo artists, but the overall sound is more upbeat.  From the message in the lyrics to the music itself it becomes apparent that VITD is out to uplift and inspire.

VITD will often use the Socratic method to get his message across.  Take the chorus of “God Only Knows”, for example: “Why should we give our love to those who have no place to go?  Why should we reach out to who needs the most?  God only knows.”  Or take the questions posed in the opening verse of “How Can We” where VITD sings, “How can we build a bridge to eternity?  How can we use the best of minds?  How can we settle for less than what we can be?  How can we take control of our lives?”

My personal favorite song out of the collection is “Secret Road”.  With its hard hitting snares, the drum programming has a nice Hip-Hop vibe, while guitars and keyboard strings make for the bulk of the catchy melody.

On the downside, the lyrics may seem preachy at times.  Not in a religious way, but in a message-heavy sort of way that can make some listeners grow weary.  Vocally, there is not a whole lot of risk taking; VITD stays in his lane.  But all in all, Best of showcases the talent and positive message of a multifaceted producer/composer/singer/artist.  Lyrically, it’s a collection of songs that have–if I may coin the phrase–a Michael Jackson-esque vibe (think “Man in the Mirror”).  With music that is sometimes rock, sometimes electronic, sometimes pop, Voice in the Dark seeks not just to inspire, but to better humanity–a lofty and noble goal, few can argue with.


~ by carlitoreviews on December 16, 2010.

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