Matthew Genovese – Change

My first impression of Matthew Genovese’s Change is that his style reminds me of Third Eye Blind.  There’s a refreshing lightness about it.  The songs are catchy as hell and MG obviously knows how to write music that pulls the listener in, and finally hooks and grabs them when it’s supposed to.

To mention a few tracks, “The Girl I Knew Before” has a building up of tension that fully delivers when the chorus comes in.  It’s as if the instruments are ready to burst at the seams, and then finally do.  “Stop Wait Turn Around” grabs you with its fun drum/clap rhythm.  And on “Don’t Change Yourself For Me” he balances a personal and passionate voice over guitars and drums, and then heightens the emotion by dropping everything out but the piano.  Well done, indeed.

Vocally, his verses are not as strong as the choruses where he’s really able to belt it out and tap into an almost falsetto range.  It also helps that he has extremely well written and structured hooks.

The production is tight.  The music is generally upbeat and catchy.  I found Change to be a short and sweet collection of pop/rock songs that showcase what Genovese is capable of–making fun music that has tremendous commercial appeal and hooks that will stay in your head for hours afterwards.

~ by carlitoreviews on January 6, 2011.

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