Giorgio – Party of the Century, Everyone’s invited

It’s hard not to be impressed by a guy like Giorgio Onorato Aquilani.  Especially once you learn about the enormous amount of work it takes in two years to travel the world and record a collection of songs with the help of some of the best and most reputable musicians in the business.  Names like the legendary bassist, Ron Carter, as well as members of TOTO–to name only a couple.  But that’s exactly what Giorgio did to create Party of the Century – Everyone’s Invited.


I will say right off the bat, though–the album has its ups and downs.


The symphonic “Venice Night” is by far my favorite track.  Its over three-minute intro is huge sounding and cinematic in scope, covering a wide range of human emotion.  If you would have told me Bach or Mozart composed it, I’d be none-the-wiser.


I found “Two hearts in a tattoo” to have the most interesting arrangement.  It opens up with a fun and choppy piano progression with some electric guitar.  Then, as soon as the verse begins, some very cool acoustic guitar takes over for the backing melody.


Overall, I have two major problems with this record.  For one thing, the title of it is incredibly misleading.  Giorgio’s Party of the Century – Everyone’s Invited sounds like you can rightfully expect some classic dance tunes in the vein of C+C Music Factory.  But instead you have a collection of sentimental sounding tracks—some bordering on sappy–that no one would ever want to party to.  Simply giving the album a different, more artistic–maybe even obscure–title would have been a better fit, as it would keep the listener guessing, rather than cause them to form their own opinions of what to expect.  It’s the old idea of judging a book by its cover; like it or not, we all do it.  Of course, that’s just an aesthetic issue, not having anything to do with the music itself.


My second bone to pick would be with the vocal performance.  Giorgio has tremendous song writing ability, but he does not have the vocal chops to back it up.  These songs would have been much better off handled by someone with some serious pipes.


Unfortunately, the last issue mentioned above was too big for me to overlook.  Giorgio seems better fitted as a songwriter/producer/composer, but not singer.  It’s not that he can’t hold a note, it’s just that with being able to create such tightly arranged music, why would he not trust the singing to people who can really blow the roof off the house?  It’s obvious, Giorgio is gifted musically; but some instrumentals and some more guest singers would have made this a much more enjoyable listen.

~ by carlitoreviews on January 16, 2011.

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