Tools of Creation – Adventures in Chaos

Hailing from Canada’s capital is a powerhouse rock band by the name of Tools of Creation (T.O.C.), debuting with their eleven song album Adventures in Chaos. You’d never know it’s just a trio by the massive walls of sound they slap your face with throughout the record.

This is hardcore rock music with some serious metal influences, but with a bit more groove.  Their sound is often dark, always hard hitting, and full of surprises along the way.

In this day and age of easy-baked radio, dynamics is a huge thing for me.  So “Too Much Isn’t Enough” was a nice and strong album opener.  It reminded me of some early Guns N’ Roses material.  Around three minutes into it, the tempo slows down, and they drop the heavy hypnotic guitar to seal the deal.

I loved the drums during the opening of “17”.  Combine that with the melodic riff that immediately follows, and you get a hybrid of Papa Roach and Metallica.  Very nice.  “Hi Again” is the closest thing to a ballad you’ll hear on the album.  It still has their signature hard style, only slower.

Drums, bass, and guitar face off for a good portion of “Mind Warp”.  This was a serious highlight of the record for me.  It’s a nice showcase of sheer talent on all musical fronts.

In the end, we have a band creating adrenaline-filled rock music perfectly suited for lifting weights, punching a wall, and/or smashing something.  My only bone to pick is that the vocals didn’t always do it for me.  Don’t get me wrong, the lead has some powerful pipes on him, I actually just wanted to hear way more screaming on there.  The music hits too hard to not compliment it with some more strained vocal chords.  Ultimately though, Adventures in Chaos is a hit as far as I’m concerned.  I felt the throwback nods to bands I’ve loved in the past, and I heard their unique style stamped on every song.  But most of all, I felt the raw energy of three hungry musicians that just want to rock out.


~ by carlitoreviews on March 11, 2011.

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