The Unraveling – Everything is Normal

Everything is Normal, the latest release from Australian trio The Unraveling, is a set of eleven songs that can be categorized as electronic new-wave styled rock, that sometimes crosses over into downtempo music in the vein of Dido.


Lead vocalist Ciara has a soft and steady tone, that I feel, grounds all of the tracks and gives the band their unique sound.  There’s a nice range of instruments throughout the album from strings, drum samples, electric guitars, bells, and fx that give off a both futuristic and ethereal vibe.

“Growing Pains” is a funky little ditty with an enormously catchy hook.  It was definitely hard to stop my head from nodding to this one.  Probably my favorite on here.  I particularly liked “Essential” for its dynamics.  It goes from a very slow opening to a straightforward club-style drum pattern (kick/snare, kick/snare, etc…), but then at about forty-seven seconds in, the drums and guitar licks pick up and make for a very nice uptempo track.   A nice give-and-take of tension.


Everything is Normal is a decent listen; it’s a good album, not a great one.  My biggest problem with it is that it consistently hits the same emotional note on pretty much every song.  This makes it slightly boring.  They have enough surprises and different sounds to build tension and dynamics, but I don’t feel it’s always enough to keep the listener engaged–at least, not this one.  I’d keep my eye out on The Unraveling, but this album has its ups and downs.


~ by carlitoreviews on March 29, 2011.

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