glamourkings – Front Row Seat to the End of the World

Whether on TV, podcasts or radio, I’ve heard tons of people talk about it.  Personally, I’ve read numerous books on the subject, and have combed through countless blogs and websites.  But I would have saved myself all the time and trouble if I knew glamourkings were offering a Front Row Seat to the End of the World – the title of their latest release, by the way.

Lyrically, this is what I would consider smart rock music–smart electronic dance-rock to be more accurate.  Although according to their site bio page, they call it “pissed off dance rock” — I think I like that better, actually.  Their sound is in the vein of a lot of TV on the Radio’s material.  But you can hear tons of different influences in the various sub-genres of rock as you make your way through the album.

Before you hear a single lyric, the titles alone take jabs at American culture: “Generation Greed”, “I Marry Money”, “Love. Kids. Marriage”, and “Propaganda Obama”, to name a few.  I was proud to learn the glamourkings are native Long Islanders like myself.  So I can’t say I’m too surprised at their anger towards the whole I have my house, cars, and job, so piss off attitude that plagues our land.  These guys attack everything from organized religion and celebrity craze to technology and crappy marriages.

The band definitely has a signature sound marked by synths, electric guitars with heavy distortion, and pounding drums (along with drum programming).  Their catchy vocals sit right in the pocket of the mix.  So whether it be the hard-hitting, high-powered, adrenaline-charged “pissed off dance rock” music, or the sobering messages designed to make you wake from your apathetic slumber, glamourkings will kick your ass one way or the other.  And you’ll be better for it, when they do.  A nice sophomore effort, indeed.

~ by carlitoreviews on April 30, 2011.

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