Flash Jack Eppington – Penny Up



Artist : Flash Jack Eppington

CD – Penny Up


Penny Up, Flash Jack Eppington’s first CD brings that high-energy feel he’s known for.  Originally from New York, he now resides in the greater Boston Area.


After the spoken intro, the album opens up with “Undercurrents”, a frothy number that bounced along and had me moving in my seat.


Apart from some awkward production here and there, the whole CD is wonderfully simple with mainly just guitar and vocals. It reminds me a little of John Mayer and maybe even Ben Taylor, but has a drifter quality reminiscent of Woody Gutherie.


There’s a range of emotions that give the sound a much more complex, but totally accessible feel.  There were some seriously funny lyrics throughout, balanced with some serious pin-drop moments like in, “Ballad of a Gentleman.”  Penny Up personifies the human experience from start to finish.


Indeed, Flash Jack Eppington is anything but flashy. In fact, he is quite the opposite (in a good way).  There’s nothing more dangerous than a soul searcher armed with a guitar, a voice, and an arsenal of experiences to share with the world.


3 of 5 stars

Michael Mallory


~ by carlitoreviews on August 24, 2011.

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