TNG – It’s About Time


It’s About Time, the debut album by Canadian rocker’s TNG hit the streets this August.  Three years after the four-man band was formed, yes, I would have to agree, it is about to time they dropped a record.


The album starts strong, but definitely not with their strongest song. Usually a wise decision.  “Hit Me” is a high-energy rocking-out track that gives you a taste of exactly what the band is all about.


“Ringing In My Head” is a catchy little tune that happens to be my favorite song on the record.  Actually, it’s tied with “The Wall”, a song with this nice rhythmic buildup that explodes into the soaring chorus.  “Turn Your Head” and “Payday” are the ballads of the album.


“Stargazer” has even more energy than the opening track, while  “Coming Home” has this western vibe to it.  That’s right, western, not country.  It reminds of cowboys riding in the desert sun–at least in the intro.  The song does pick up a bit a little later on.


All of the songs have a rough edge without being rough around the edges, if you know what I mean.  TNG has that garage rock sound, but tamed by really good mixing, so it’s never harsh to listen to.  To generalize them is a little tricky, but they reminded me of a hybrid version of Van Halen, Joe Cocker, Motorhead, and a bunch of other influences from the classic, eighties, and grunge rock scenes.


Excellent musicianship, strong rhythm on the bass, powerful vocals, kick-ass guitars, pumping drums–It’s About Time is a solid debut for sure.  I do like all of the songs–they’re good.  But I wish there were a song or two I could love–and there just weren’t any.  I guess I was looking for some radio singles.  But hey, Led Zep didn’t believe in the idea of singles either.  Nuff said.

~ by carlitoreviews on August 31, 2011.

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