The Good Evol – Butterfly Crush

Written by Louisely D’Amour

Artist:                                          The Good Evol

Genre:                                           Pop Rock

Technical Grade:                                                9/10
Production/Musicianship:                                    9/10
Commercial Value:                                            8/10
Overall Talent Level:                                         9/10
Songwriting Skills:                                             9/10
Performance Skill:                                             9/10

Lyrical Content:                                                   9/10

Strengths;                                     Songwriting & lyrics, Instrumentation

Weakness:                                    None

CD Review:

The Good Evol is an alternative rock band based in California.  They describe their own sound as “new wave meets nerd rock”.  The two main members are Natalia Bortolotti and Scotty Smith who do all the songwriting and in fact, Scotty plays all the instruments on the CD.  They swell their ranks for live work with the addition of a guitarist, keys player and drummer.

Butterfly Crush is their debut CD and starts with the title track, setting a fast pace right from the jump.  They mix high-energy pop with a great rock sound, and their danceability (is that a real word??) rating is high, high, high!  They remind me a little of bands like Katrina and the Waves, and The Bangles–the sort of thing that makes you want to get up and dance around the room like you don’t care.  The lyrics are often humorous; I particularly liked the line, “What am I gonna do with this tattoo?  You’re my future ex-boyfriend.”

Overall the quality and content of the CD is good with a fair mix of instruments.  This is the sort of CD to put on any time of the day.  One to get your energy levels up at breakfast but equally good in the evening to rock out to.  Kick off your shoes and throw some shapes–go on, nobody’s watching!



~ by carlitoreviews on November 4, 2011.

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