RivetHead – Doomsday for Optimism


They’ve been around for a number of years.  Numerous placements on TV, film, commercials as well satellite radio and more.  No strangers to the NHL’s Dallas Stars, who commissioned the band for their power play song.  But for those who’s radar managed to miss the industrial metal band RivetHead, their latest full-length effort, Doomsday for Optimism is not a bad place to start.


The album doesn’t open as strong as I would’ve preferred.  “Super Zero” is a solid track but doesn’t have that wow factor the band is known for.  “Deaf Ears”, the second song, would’ve made a much better choice in my opinion.  There are more things going on in that one to keep the listener tapped in.


RH fans will notice their current sound having more of that electronic industrial leaning heard on Zero Gravity’s title track from 2009.  But to be clear, there isn’t any abandonment of the pure metal you’ve enjoyed from the rest of their catalog.  They’re just reaching a little further this time, a little deeper, into their musical palette and repertoire.  They even slow things down for the contemplative “Buried Another One”, an emotion-packed song dealing with loss as Steve Page sings, “Won’t someone please do something, I’m falling I’m not done yet.  I’m counting back to zero.”  These are lyrics that immediately remind me of many a Linkin Park chorus—not a bad thing, by the way.


“Breathe Me In” is by far, my favorite on here.  It has that I need to punch someone in the face right now-vibe.  “So sick of complacence.  Don’t think I can take this.”   Love it, love it, love it.  “Dreaming of Reality” definitely has the most dynamics out of all the songs, with its eerie backdrop during the quiet verses, and then the high-energy chorus to wake you up.


I don’t know if I would go as far as to say Doomsday for Optimism is RivetHead’s best-to-date.  I will say, however, there aren’t any fillers on here.  This is a band that takes their music seriously.  They’re not afraid to grow and expand their sound either, even to the point of including the cinematic soundscape of an instrumental, “Echoes in Padded Room”.  The album ends with “Turn This Up”, a song telling us all that this is one band who’s relentless energy isn’t going anywhere any time soon.  A solid album, indeed.


~ by carlitoreviews on January 22, 2012.

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