The Daydreamers – With Your Love

Review on Music Emissions 

Hailing from Woodstock, NY–which automatically sends preconceived notions, sounds and images to our brains–is a band whose sound is as lush and dreamy as their name, The Daydreamers, with their EP release With Your Love.  I didn’t realize just how powerful those preconceived ideas of Woodstock are, until I almost wrote the band off before taking my first listen.  I love the whole Classic Rock era, but the last thing I wanted to hear was a knockoff of any sort.

But as fate would have it, The Daydreamers are not that.

Three men make the core of the band: twin brothers Aaron (lead guitar) and Wyatt Mones (frontman, rhythm guitar) and bassist Ben Chrobot.  Then there’s Dave Klobinski on drums, and pianist Tim Poll.

The EP opens with “Anarctica”, a song letting me know I was sorely mistaken about what I was in for.  Its intro is soft and sweet.  Lyrics sharp and rhythmic.  That would have been enough to make the song good, but it crossed over into greatness at 2:45, when they injected some funk and soul you didn’t even know would sound so damned good in a song like this.  Dynamics is what this band seems to do best.  The constant give and take and rise and fall that makes any work of art something of beauty.

All the songs are very catchy and well-written.  Not all of them grabbed me, but the ones that did, did so in a big way.

Overall, I love this band’s sound.  Sometimes grungy, sometimes quirky, always sweet and heartfelt.  It’s Indie Pop-Rock that can suddenly morph into deeply soulful without a moment’s notice.  Vocals reaching into the falsetto range can be risky if performed badly, but The Daydreamers do it sparingly, and when they do, it’s like butter, baby.

I found myself yearning for more tracks like “Antarctica” and the fantastic RnB/Rock song “The End” (with “Category VI” being my third favorite on here).  But just to know this band can whip out songs like those whenever they want, is enough for me not to sleep on The Daydreamers–excuse the pun.

Solid EP.  Cool-ass band.  Keep them on your radar.

~ by carlitoreviews on June 9, 2012.

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