Suns of Orpheus – Amoris Orbita

Music Emissions Review

Austin-based Suns of Orpheus blast through the Indie scene with their massive debut album Amoris Orbita.  Frontman for this band of many talents is Brazilian-born Frederico Geib.


As a connoisseur of various World Music traditions, it was easy to hear the myriad of influences on here.  It’s hard to nail Suns down into any one category.  It’s almost as if they’re trying to elude us and defy genre altogether, but yet it all somehow works.  I heard everything from the awesome sounds of West Africa to jazz-fusion, funk, psychedelic rock, reggae and Brazilian and Latin to name a few.  And if I’m not mistaken, there are several languages represented hear as well.


From the fun and dynamic “Encanto” to the smooth title track or the nearly international punk-vibe of “Birth of Music”, this album proved itself to be a delight for me.


Highly creative energy-packed music with a clean recording and even mix equals an enjoyable listening experience.  In all fairness, I couldn’t find anything negative to say about either the band or album.


Of course by the end of it all, I had to Wikipedia “Orpheus” to discover he was an ancient Greek legend who could charm all living things with his music—a pretty lofty goal for any band these days, if you ask me.  But Suns aren’t too far off from accomplishing just that.  A powerhouse of a band, a powerhouse of a debut album, these guys seem to be in this for the long haul.  Let’s hope so.

~ by carlitoreviews on September 9, 2012.

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