Louise Aubrie – Time Honoured Alibi

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London-born, New York-based Louise Aubrie is now on her second release entitled Time Honoured Alibi.  For both this album and her 2010 debut, Fingers Crossed, she worked with producer Boz Boorer, whose best known for his work with Morrissey and is considered one of the pioneers of the British Rockabilly movement.


The sound of this new EP is similar to the first.  Fans of Morrissey and The Smiths will feel right at home with Louise Aubrie’s nice blend of edgy post-punk rock mixed with just the right amount of Pop to smooth things over.


The record opens up with a short and sweet little tune called, “Where Are You.”  Right off the bat, my first impression is that Aubrie excels in writing hooks that are catchy as hell and stick in your head for much longer than the song lasts.  “Lovestruck” is both edgier and funkier, with this offbeat bass riff during the verses that give the song an unexpected reggae vibe.  The chorus brings it back home to Rock, providing plenty of dynamics.  “Circuit” and “Gold” are the ballads of the album, the latter being one of my favorites on here.


I really don’t have any bones to pick here.  Louis Aubrie has a style and sound that grows on you.  Her passionate vocals are straightforward, flowing effortlessly on each and every track.  The record is musically and sonically consistent in every sense of the word.  It showcases depth, talent, and artistry.  Very nice to listen to, indeed.

~ by carlitoreviews on April 3, 2013.

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