David Silva – Moorpark Oasis

Artist: David Silva

Album: Moorpark Oasis

Website: http://www.daveworldonline.com

Genre: Americana, folk, rockabilly

Sounds Like: The Shivering Denizens, John Denver, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan

Technical Grade: 10/10

Production/Musicianship Grade: 10/10

Commercial Value:  8/10

Overall Talent Level: 10/10

Songwriting Skills: 10/10

Performance Skills: 10/10

Best Songs: Hal’s Train Song, Coffee Shop, It Will All Be Perfect

Strengths: The story telling qualities to his lyrics, his voice, and his rockabilly tendencies

Weakness: I wish the CD had about 2 more songs on it!




David Silva sent me ‘Moorpark Oasis’ personally to review. I called him to let him know I received the package, and was excited to get to reviewing it. On the phone he was friendly and charming, just as I would expect a folksy, Americana singer to be. ‘Moorpark Oasis’ did not disappoint. While David Silva sings and plays guitar, he is accompanied by Scott Rodell, and Bradley Jon Sanders to make up the musicians on this recording. He’s based out of California, and you can find him easily online at http://www.daveworldonline.com.

The CD starts off on a strong note, a nod to the rockabilly sounds on the CD.  ‘Guitars and Shady Ladies’ makes me wish I was hearing it live. I can imagine a crowded bar, drinking suds, and clapping along to this fun track. A favorite line being “there’s a song in that bottle of whiskey, and I’m gunna find it if it takes all night.” ‘Hal’s Train Song’ prominently features a banjo, and is written in a minor key. Dedicated to his friend Hal Wright who passed on and loved train’s, this is a worthy tribute. It makes this writer wish I was on the train sharing the journey of what sounds like a down trodden man. A strong effort on this track, easily one of my favorite tunes on this cd. ‘Traveling’ is another good song. I definitely hear some Johnny Cash in this gem. With all due respect to the man in black, however, David Silva’s vocals are better, and sweeter to the ear. The mix on this track is particularly strong. The only thing I wish to bring up as a possible change would be that I would have loved to hear some fiddle in this song, giving it another dimension in counter melody and possibly making the song sound a bit more country. ‘Coffee Shop’ is amazing on many levels. Lyrically, a very strong track. Another song in a minor key, he takes a chance with some instrumentation differences, and wins big. Catchy in its own right, it has been stuck in my head more than a few times since I’ve been listening to this CD. It has some flavors of perhaps Simon and Garfunkle, but at the same time, some of the instrumental breaks almost pays tribute to a flamenco guitar style, played in this spot by Scott Rodell. His words stay with me:  “There’s the promise of the future Mixed with sorrow in your eyes We both know there’s no tomorrow And we both hate goodbyes”


‘September Bride’ is a sweet song written about his wife Kathy and their relationship. Obviously a strong one, they are about to celebrate their 28th anniversary on September 4th.

‘It Will All Be Perfect’ is a song that struck me on many levels. Silva tackles unknown territory by mixing a love song, from the lover’s point of view in an abusive relationship. I don’t know whether he was attempting to write from a woman’s perspective, but he does it eloquently in either case. The song is simple and delicate in structure with only a guitar, which adds to the hopeful yet sad sound needed to pull off this track. If I had to pick one track off this album that hit me emotionally, this would be it. I know there are many people out there who can relate to it. Brilliance personified on all levels.


The last two tracks are ‘Seafood at the Holiday Inn,’ another upbeat, almost rockabilly song, and  ‘Life Is Good’, an overt country tune, with similar theme’s to Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Since You’ve Been Gone.’  David Silva’s music is being played on many inde stations, not only this country, but especially in Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. This is an obvious tribute to the quality of his songwriting, lyrics, and overall production value. The weaknesses are nil. As I stated, I had hoped for perhaps a violin in one track, but it in no way detracts from the CD as a whole. I would very much recommend Silva to any of my folk, or rockabilly friends. David Silva may not be poised to be selling out stadiums anytime soon, but he’s well on his way to becoming an established artist, pensive, hard working, and true. I sincerely hope he decides to come to Seattle soon, because I know many venues that would welcome him with open arms. ‘Moorpark Oasis’ is a look into a wise poet’s life, and one this writer won’t soon be forgetting.


10 of 10 stars


Kate Sparrow


Seattle, WA.


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